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Tropic Reels is a multispin free slot machine, which is set on Easter Island if we make an educated guess based on statues in left corner of game screen.

At first glance, this slot seems like a mix between other games by Playtech, such as Beach Life and Triple Profits, where setting is closer to Beach life, but gameplay to that of Triple Profits. Moai statues, parrots, wild flowers and lush green flora are supposed to immerse you into the world of long forgotten island, where human and nature are still united. As usual for Playtech, no music soundtrack is present.


Number of reels and paylines

This game features 5 rows of 3 reels, while having ability to hold symbols. It works in a two-spin way: on first spin, you get 3 random symbols, just like in most classic slots. But unlike classic slots, these do not count towards winnings yet, they are just a first phase of any bet. Gambler decides which symbols he wants to hold, it can be either one or two symbols. Then he spins once again, in hope to complete each payline into a winning combo of symbols. Obviously, it is best to hold WILD symbols, but even regular frogs or flowers can provide a decent income. In total, Tropic Reels has 23 possible winning combos. It allows to bet from 0.01 to 5.0 units of your local currency.


Symbols and coefficients

As it should be in tropical themed game, all symbols are designed in accordance to its theme. Any gambler who is serious about getting profits out of Tropic Reels will hunt for three tigers in a row, which represent WILD symbol. We never heard about tigers on Easter Island, but this is a subject for biologists and historians, not gamblers. Next most valuable species after tigers are parrots of different colors: red are most valuable, then yellow, then blue. Its preferable to get them all in one color, because while there is a payout for three mixed parrots, it is much smaller. Next league of value are fruits: lemons, limes and oranges. Their worth is from 75 to 25 coins respectively. As in case with parrots, line of same type provides more than mix of them. The last and least valuable set of symbols are various frogs, of different colors.



This is one of most profitable games we have ever tested. While it may not be the pinnacle of visual fidelity, 5 row system works great. If you use that hold feature wisely, you may minimize losing spins as much as every fourth or so. Correct, 3 spins out of 4 are winnable if you know how to hold!