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Battle of the Gods slot is an exciting venture into the realm of pagan myths and legends, where almighty Gods are still alive and well.

While theme of this free online slot holds much potential, its materialization leaves a lot to be desired. Playtech, developers of this slot, always did code better than art. But here it is painfully more obvious than in most of their games. Greek Gods look like cheap knock-offs from some Chinese copy of B-grade American comic book series. They don’t inspire awe like they should. Attempt at chorus as soundtrack is not impressive either. All in all, Zeus might be angry at these developers!


Number of reels and paylines

As for the gameplay aspects of Battle of the Gods, situation might not be as bad. In fact, we landed longest ever streak of free spins while testing this game in free of charge mode. As for mechanics, there are 25 paylines, 5 reels placed in 3 rows. Bets go from as low as 0.01 to 50 units of your local currency. Return to player range is said to be 94%, which is a bit lower than most slots. Apart from separate bonus games, there is a nice little feature that rewards you for getting God cards in the shape of X. That is an instant 10 multiplier right away.

Symbols and coefficients

Symbols are supposed to represent old Olympian Gods, but due to questionable artistic choices its often hard to guess who is who. There are lookalikes of Zeus, Poseidon, Athena. Those are blue cards. Brown cards stand for Titans, who are sort of Elder Gods in Greek religion, who were overthrown by Olympian Gods. In total, there are 5 blue and 5 brown cards. WILD symbol is WILD letters with some angelic wings attached. Scatter symbol is Parthenon (Greek temple). Both types of symbols can be mixed to trigger various complex bonus rounds. For example, if you get God type bound round and then get a scatter Titan card during it, you will proceed to bonus-with-bonus round with a lot of free spins. This is one of those games that requires careful reading of game rules, provided in help section. They are just too complex to be explained in quick overview.


Battle of the Gods is an interesting experiment with gameplay, offering refreshing types of complex and rewarding bonuses. Still, its borderline ugly, tasteless art direction will make it difficult to recommend for prolonged playing. Only true visual ascetics, like those who liked Gold Rally slot by the same company, will love this game!