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Sherlock Mystery Slot is a free online slot based on famous literature series by Arthur Conan-Doyle.

Slot style and design

Game art design is unique and not based on any of existing movies, video games or comics. Although the effort is made to make the game look Victorian or even steampunkish, it is not entirely successful. Sure, symbols and general layout somewhat resemble late 19-th century typewriter, but the “magic” is simply not there. Sound effects make up for this a little, as they are pleasant and fit nicely. Even if it is still strange that main game window does not offer any soundtrack, while help section does. But this is common in Playtech games for some reason. Still, to many people who are spoiled by recent abundance of Sherlock-themed content, this game will feel underwhelming.

Sherlock Mystery Number of reels and paylines

This slot operates on 5 reels and 20 configurable paylines. Possible bet for each line goes from 0.01 up to 100 units of currency, that makes one spin worth from 0.20 to 2,000. Because of this, Sherlock Mystery qualifies as a slot suitable for high rollers. As usual for their software, Playtech implemented both Autoplay and Turbo modes, for those who just want to win money without distracting on gaming entertainment components. Apart from different bet limit and 20 paylines instead of 25, mechanics resembles Rocky slot from the same company in many ways.

Symbols and coefficients

WILD symbol is a mysterious dark fellow, who may look as a copy of Alec Baldwin character from the movie “Shadow”, but is supposed to represent Moriarty, eternal adversary of Sherlock. Our great detective himself and his best friend Dr. Watson are most valuable regular symbols, offering up to 2000 coins of payout. Pistol and knife are less valuable symbols, as well as Baker street plaque. With one difference, that is plaque can be combined with WILD symbols into multiplier. Looking glass is a bonus symbol, which triggers feature called Crime Scene bonus. It is mini-game, similar to hidden object subgenre of video games. You look for pieces of evidence in a room where crime has happened.


Sherlock Mystery leaves a mixed impression. Despite offering high stakes, its win rate is moderate at best. Despite obtaining nice and recognizable license, artwork feels semi-amateurish. And even attempt at hidden object mini-game within a game is not really impressive. Truly, a giant of live casino software like Playtech could do better quality assurance on this game.